how do i use the trackers?
click this and paste into the tracker section of your torrent.
i suggest using rtorrent or qbittorrent.
is there an indexer or search?
no and there never will be, these are purely trackers.
do you keep logs?
no, only metrics.
i run these as a hobby so don’t expect perfect uptime.
why not support http or https?
udp is far more efficient.
what software is used?
a bunch. chihaya, prometheus, loki, jenkins, grafana, gitea to name a few.


why run these, what’s the point?
my own privacy. i make them public because it’s a useful service.
what information gets stored?
nothing. I only track metrics, nothing regarding the query itself.
how do i use them?
it can be a little technical currently, there’s a good rundown here.
will you ever provide plaintext or DNS over HTTPS?
plaintext, no. DOH, maybe sometime in the future.
is there any filtering or censoring?
no. i have no interest in filtering results period.
what software is used?
unbound, plus some workflow tools listed above.

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